2020/04/19 08:45

All holsters that I sell are made to order except for the premade products listed in the product list.
The flow of ordering the order-made product is described below. Please be sure to check it before placing an order.

ご注文からお届けまでの流れ(Flow from order to delivery)

①商品一覧内の受注生産品ページよりご希望カラーをカートに入れて下さい。(Please put the desired color in the cart from the made-to-order product page in the product list.)
↓※発注時、必ず備考欄に機種を記載お願い致します。(When ordering, be sure to enter the model in the remarks column.)
↓※対応機種以外を記載されば場合、キャンセル扱いとさせて頂きます。(If a model other than the compatible models is listed, it will be treated as canceled.)
②必要事項を入力の上、決済を完了してください。(Please enter the necessary information and complete the payment.)
↓※時間指定等のご要望が御座いましたら、備考欄に記載お願い致します。(You cannot specify the arrival date or time for packages for overseas)
③当店にて決済完了を確認次第、作製を開始させて頂きます。(I will start the production as soon as I confirm the payment completion at my shop.)
※ホルスター作製から発送までは概ね5日~10日ほど要します。(It will take approximately 5-10 days from holster production to shipping.)
※注文の混み具合によってはお届け迄時間を要する場合が御座いますので、ご了承下さい。(Please note that it may take some time for delivery depending on the number of orders from other customers.)
④ホルスター完成後、作製したホルスターを発送させて頂きます。(After the holster is completed, I will ship the holster I made.)
↓*For international deliveries, use "Registered air small packet" by Japan Post.Depending on the country, it will take approximately 3 to 12 days to arrive. Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the number of days will vary depending on the handling of customs clearance in each country.
 It would be helpful if you could post a review on SNS after the product arrived (tagging is greatly appreciated)!

以上よろしくお願いいたします。(Thank you for your cooperation)

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